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"Obnoxious" is the fourth release, and the second full length album, by the death metal band Colosso.
The album shows a more experimental, dissonant and heavy side of Colosso, leaving behind the more groovy side shown on the two previous EPs.

Recorded at Stone Sound Studio (Portugal), mixed by Max Tomé (also guitar player on the band) and mastered by Aaron Smith (Jeff Loomis, 7 Horns 7 Eyes), "Obnoxious"' sound is more aggressive and "boomy" than the first album "Abrasive Peace".

Lyric-wise, the album focus on the extreme void of society ("Obnoxious"), a black hole created by ego, profit and chaos.

– “a monstrous, maverick spirit from Colosso” – Metal Hammer (UK)

– “suffocatingly huge death metal with a subtle technical/experimental twist” – Decibel Magazine (US)

– “ferocity is very much a leading ingredient” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “one of those hidden gems” – The Metal Observer (Canada) 8.5/10

– “there is a certain freshness to their sound.” – Metal Trenches (US)

– “superb, and highly recommended.” – The Killchain (UK)

– “an absolute recommendation” – Reaperzine (Germany) 9/10

– “grows with each listen” – Metalhead.it (Italy) 8/10

– “a powerful, ultra-brute Death Metal” – Franconia Metallum (Germany) 8/10


released September 9, 2016

Max Tomé - Guitar
Marcelo Aires - Drums
André Lourenço - Bass
André Macedo - Vocals
António Carvalho - Guitar

Didgeridoo performed by Rui Martelo.
Back vocals on "In Memoriam", "Of Hollow Judgements" and "A Noxious Reflection" by César Teixeira and Marcelo Aires.
Sound design and keyboards by Max Tomé, João Pereira and Marcelo Aires.
Recorded and engineered by Ricardo Oliveira at Stone Sound Studio (www.facebook.com/StoneSoundStudio).
Guitars re-amped by Max Tomé at HNK Studios (www.facebook.com/hnkstudios).
Produced by Colosso and Ricardo Oliveira at Stone Sound Studio.
Mixed by Max Tomé and Colosso at HNK Studios.
Mastered by Aaron Smith at Envisage Audio (www.envisageaudio.com).
Design by André Macedo. Layout by Max Tomé.
Band photo by João Fitas with the help of Ricardo Silva and Patrícia Nunes (www.joaofitas.com)
"In Memoriam (Neutropics Remix)" remixed by Igor Korsakov (soundcloud.com/neutropics).

BAART (www.baquetesartesanes.com)
D'addario Strings (www.daddario.com)
Drum Craft (www.drumcraft.com)
Flat5 Guitarworks (www.facebook.com/flat5guitarworks)
Hesu Cabinets (www.hesu-amps.com)
Mr. Ron Fx (www.mrronfx.com)




Colosso Porto, Portugal

Colosso is a Death Metal project from Portugal.

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Track Name: In Memoriam
Follow the principal directive
No mercy shown for those left alive
Burn their dead, repair our fallen,
Give them no chance to run,no chance to hide

To give them a tombstone
Is a luxury we won't afford
Let this bloodied landscape
Turn to another barren memorial of war

An unwritten epitaph would read
Here rest the ones who once drew breath
Refused to give up their convictions
Knowing that to stay true is the only way
In death you'll know you were alive

We will see the fall of man
Never to rise again
Praise our maker and
Your prophet of self-demise
Man-made machine design
Former tool they once thought
Blind hear our battle chant
The engines' hiss spells your end

This is to be your end
No more the earth will breathe
Track Name: The Unrepentant
One shot, one kill
The savory of your flesh to liberate my will
Thriving on the wreckage of the evil
I have brought you once again

And roam the endless plain
To never look back again
Release me from the strain
And show me the trail

Fear runs through my veins
as I bear the mark of Cain
It cuts me to the bone.
I feel the bloody scorn.

To never repent again!
Track Name: Of Hollow Judgements
The ears above remember your every word
A sovereign vow is never fully true
Tools to plant the seed of doubt,
What’s a victim when black and white turn grey?

The truth is here
Hollow judgements

Parallel lines follow one another
Truth and lie, duality, disorder
Sightless we are bound not to discover
Counting the days on the back of my mind

As I forget my dreams
My brain forgets being nothing
But a game of smoke and mirrors

Preaching hate
Wrath and disorder
The minds of our youngs, against one another
Track Name: As Resonance
As resonance, your endless screams vibrate
As resonance, immense agony isn't enough
As resonance, when all your limbs migrate
As resonance, levitating through dust

Echoes of dispair invade my being
Thoughts of life and words of death, disagreeing
Burning bridges of flesh and bone,
To free the misery of existence in me

Energy waves pushing me towards the end
Heavy discharges of terror and shame
Submitting the weak to a highest will
Like insects work in their name
Track Name: Soaring Waters
To undergo the ordeal of life
Small stones should be suffice
Then you’ll carry the weight of worlds
And face the soaring waters

I reach, the infinity unknown
Wash away this land of sorrow
For their mistakes I must atone
To turn away and leave on morrow

Soaring waters,
Floating patterns

And then I’ll shine through broken glass
Bursting into flames in your inner mass
The same song keeps playing
While I face the soaring waters

Rising tides in crumbling soil
A life lived in turmoil
We now reap what we sow
Before the soaring waters we now bow

Soaring waters,
Floating patterns

Crushing bones like insects
Vanished in instants
A new era is brought upon us
The soaring waters, come!
Track Name: To Purify
Banished from this realm
I speak in flaming tongues
Filthy words of hate
A venom of my own
For dust thou art
And to dust thou shalt return

I seek...wonders once promised
Blurred by a multitude of sins
Brought to life by numerous beings
To cleanse the hardest flaws

Cleanse to purify
Our minds are free from restraints
To dignify
Rectify our existence

Cleanse to purify
To pacify, to dignify
I burn in visions of demise
Craving for the sacrifice

Blasting our ways
Through hardest endeavours
Our minds set ablaze
See now or never!
Track Name: Sentience
Strained and drained
Strive to find a better word
The truth is damned
Burning off for feeling cold
Take me!

To feel
To be felt

No time to waste
No sense of taste
Is this life a race?
In boxes we are encased

Obnoxious, unpleasant we see
Day after day we're fully scanned
Unaware of the powers that be
Shall we ever find the key?

No darkness without light
No hope without dispair
Absence of fear means apathy
A last breath for me to share

Salvation is not a purpose
I cannot feel anymore

Take me!
Track Name: A Noxious Reflection
The current state of Humanity
Is leading to insanity
Destroying just for pleasure and profit
We are carving our own coffin

Open your eyes
I am the light of demise

Sync your mind with mine
And let's think for a while
This pain, this noxious reflection
Set inside the bottom of your fate
Ready to explode, set to desecrate!

Birds falling from the sky
Whales dying in the oceans
Earth covered in black
Fire burned emotions

Open your eyes
I am the light of demise
The noxious reflection
Flawless and infectious

"Take more than what you can give"
Has been the slogan for decades.
Human race is not superior,
Human race is a disgrace.

I am the light of demise
Take whatever you need to survive
I am the light you’ve created
Till there is nothing left to be taken